When, Suddenly...

I like how you can just hit a button and shuffle the colors on these blogs. I'm in a blue mode today.

Earlier I was listening to a radio program where a letter was read over the air from a woman whose husband had recently died of a sudden heart attack. He was 49, with no prior history of heart problems. Suddenly one day his life was just over. Their youngest child was only four, and will probably now grow up with few memories of her Dad. In this woman’s letter she urged husbands and wives to appreciate one another and take time to say “I love you.” She also told us to go home and hug our kids, because, “you never know.”

I came home and found my oldest son sick with an upset stomach and unable to go to school. He's a diabetic, with a few early signs of kidney troubles. For some reason his illness really hit me hard. I started thinking about complications from diabetes and how many years he’s struggled with the disease. And I also thought about my other younger son who is a diabetic, too, and his challenges. Health is something we all take for granted. I’m amazed by the courage of my kids and how they seem to take everything in stride. It’s hard being a parent and constantly having to worry about the well-being of my children. But that’s what love does to us.

Have I shown it enough? My love, I mean? It’s something to think about and frequently reevaluate.


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