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Mortification Monday

As suggested by author Shannon Hale, I’m sharing a frustrating author experience as part of her “Mortification Monday” topic. So here goes.

One morning I drove through a raging blizzard to find a school that had booked me for an assembly. I couldn’t even see the street signs, and was SO grateful for my faithful GPS. I got out of my car and trudged through the snowy parking lot. I was dragging 70 instruments, my projector, and my laptop in a giant rolling suitcase, dressed in my presenter attire. It was comical. I was slipping, pulling snow, and my toes were numb.

Entering the school, I brushed myself off, found the front office and went inside. “May I help you?” asked the secretary.

“Hello. I’m here for the assembly,” I said.

“What assembly?”

“The author assembly. I’m Kristyn Crow.”

“Kristine…I’m sorry, what was your last name?”


“Are you a parent coming to watch, then?”

“No, I’m the presenter.”

“Ohhhhh. Okay. Well, the principal wants to talk to you about it,” she said.…