To Market, To Market

How does that rhyme go…To market, to market, to buy a fat pig? Anyway, I’ve entered the marketing phase of this picture book joint. What I’m doing right now is sending out postcards to every music school, music store, jazz museum, jazz store, and music-for-kids foundation I can find. It’s a whole lot of research and time. This was a part of the process I had no idea I’d be involved in.

It’s a bit early for my book to be displayed on bookshelves, (or even carried at all in some places) but according to my fellow published authors, it just takes time. If you’d like to go into a bookstore and ask for a copy of COOL DADDY RAT, and then throw a giant yelling fit if it’s not available, I’d love it. (Just kidding, of course. Sort of.) But if you do ask for a copy, the store will order them, and more will be visible and available. That would be really, well, cool!

Here are my upcoming events:

Monday, April 7th - 6:00 p.m.
Weber State University
Children’s Book Presentation

Saturday. April 19th - 9 am-5pm
Rick Walton’s Home
Picture Book Workshop

Saturday, April 26th - 1 pm-3pm
West Jordan Barnes & Noble
Book Signing

Saturday. May 3rd - 11 am-1pm
The King’s English Bookshop, Salt Lake City
Book Release Party

Saturday, May 10th - 1 pm-3pm
Orem Barnes and Noble
Book Signing

Saturday, May 17th - 1 pm -5pm
Provo Children’s Library
Children’s Book Festival -Read-aloud, Signing

You can purchase a signed book at any of these events. I would be delighted to see you!


Kaylie said…
I found an article about you in the Deseret Morning News (Jul 2007) by accident. I love to read about successful authors, especially local ones. I'm an aspiring author (sounds so much better than wannabe), still looking for an agent for my 1st novel and working on my 2nd. I'm hoping to get to the B&N book signing in April. Maybe I'll see you there.
Kristyn Crow said…
Well thanks so much for dropping a note. It wasn't all that long ago that I was "aspiring" too. You're doing the right thing by staying connected with other writers and attending events, etc. What an amazing accomplishment to finish a novel. That's fantastic. Many people start, but few finish. Congratulations.

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