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Adventures in Authordom

Being an author can sometimes bring about strange adventures. For example, a week ago I found myself in Beryl, Utah.

Yep. Beryl.

I hadn’t heard of it either. But a school librarian contacted me several weeks prior and asked if I’d do a school visit there. Beryl? I looked it up. That’s FIVE hours away. Whoa.

There were a million reasons to say no. Reasons like: I’ve got seven kids and mounting laundry, gas is expensive, and ten hours on the road would be horrendous. I told the school I’d need my travel expenses covered. Fine, they said. And, I’d have to charge them additional fees for the assemblies. Fine, they said. And…I’d need a screen, microphone, and a projector wired with sound….fine, fine, fine. I clicked on a map on my laptop and showed my husband. “Should I go to Beryl?” I asked.


“Beryl, Utah.”

“Barrel like a barrel of monkeys?”

“I’m not sure. But it’s five hours away, in the middle of nowhere.”

He leaned over and squinted at the map. “Yeah, you should do it.”

“I should?”


Get Serious about your Picture Book Writing Career!

I am so happy to be part of the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop in June! If you sign up for my picture book class, here’s what you’ll get:

Picture Book Extravaganza – We’ll spend some time each day reading and analyzing some of the most fabulous picture books out there.

Instruction in topics ranging from writing a great read-aloud, to creating more action in your text, to finding an agent, to working with an editor, to making your manuscript irresistible.

A souvenir binder with art from one of my picture books.

Hand-outs that cover the most important aspects of picture book writing which you can refer to again and again.

A few surprise guests from the picture book world.

A thorough list of websites, agents, publishers that accept non-agented work, and other resources to help you in your publishing quest.

An honest, careful critique of your picture book manuscript and suggestions to make it the best it can possibly be.

Break-out sessions on all kinds of writing topics, by…