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My agent just informed me that Albert Whitman & Company has made an offer on my manuscript, THE REALLY GROOVY STORY OF THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE. We accepted it. This was a manuscript I had mentally "shelved" and had almost entirely wiped from my mind. How exciting that I'll get to see it in print! I've heard that Albert Whitman is a fabulous publishing house to work with and that they tend to keep their books in print for a long time. GROOOOOOVY!

I'm going to have a busy year. I've got a number of school visits set-up each month. I'll also be presenting at the UVU Forum on Children's Literature in March, and am on the faculty of the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop which will be held at the Waterford School this year in Sandy, Utah. This is very exciting for me, considering the fact that I came to that workshop in 2001 as an unpublished writer. Because of the advice I received and the connections I made, I was able to g…