Thursday Tidbits and the LAYTON AUTHORPALOOZA

It’s interesting to be working with three different publishers. It seems like there’s always something different going on with each one. Right now I’m sending some receipts to Putnam for the postcards I ordered, and I’m waiting for a disk with digital images from Harper, so I can read Bedtime at the Swamp on the big screen when I visit schools. Scholastic just contacted me, welcoming me aboard, which was great fun. I cannot WAIT to see who they select as illustrator for that book. (No, I don’t get to choose. They did ask for my suggestions, which is a huge compliment. But they have final say.) I did make a couple of recommendations, and we’ll see what happens.

I am helping to set up an “Authorpalooza” at the Layton, Utah Barnes and Noble. It should be fun…I always worry that there will be a snag and somebody’s books won’t arrive on time or something. Hopefully all will go well. But there will be (so far) THIRTEEN authors there, signing their books. YA GOTTA COME! The date is Friday evening, October 24th, 2008. Here are the list of authors planning to attend:

Ann Cannon
Randall Wright
Sharlee Glenn
Rick Walton
Will Terry (Illustrator)
Becky Hickox
Anne Bowen
Wendy Toliver
Ken Baker
Kristyn Crow
Carla Morris
Mette Harrison
Greg Newbold (Illustrator)

Come spend a Friday evening with some cool authors (I know, I know, I’m only a tiny bit cool, and that’s only when I buy my kids something) and get some signed books!

I’m also setting up some school visits. I’m going to have kids clunking and clanking out a beat to my book, Bedtime at the Swamp. Splish splash rumba-rumba bim bam BOOM!


Anonymous said…
sounds fun
John and Jodi said…
WE REALLLY REALLLLY REALLLY WANT YOU TO COME TO OUR SCHOOL! Bryson and Issac would love to have you there as would Shandi and I. Let us know what we need to do. We are both on the PTA so we could so get you there is you can.
Kristyn Crow said…
I would be THRILLED to visit your kids' school! Talk to your school's Literacy Facilitator or the principal. I already sent a postcard advertising my visits to your school, but who knows, they may have tossed it accidentally (or on purpose). Tell them I will give them a discount since I have two nephews at the school. Give them my website

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