A Mother's Letter

When my mother died I used to wish that a letter would arrive mysteriously one day in the mailbox. It would have no return address, and would say all the things I needed to hear for reassurance. Now that my stepdaughters have lost their mother so tragically, I want to fulfill that wish for them.

My Dear Babies,

Your stepmother Kris is writing this letter for me only because I cannot. There is so much that I need you to know and understand, and mothers have a deeply spiritual connection. So I hope you will understand if my words must come through her. Otherwise, I am silenced.

I did not mean for this to happen. This was not my choice. I did not ever choose to leave you while you're still so young. Sometimes in this life we are forever changed by the poor choices of others. You are my babies, and will always be. My death doesn't change this. I have loved you from the first moment I knew you were growing within me and will always love you, forever, without end. I have enjoyed every moment we've shared together, every laugh, every song, every recipe, every errand, every snuggle. I loved watching you grow from tiny babies into toddlers, and from toddlers into little girls, from little girls into beautiful young ladies. I am so very proud of who you both have become. It was especially wonderful to see you be such caring big sisters.

I hope you know that I will continue to watch you grow and learn and experience life from my new perspective. I am here with Bo and Sam and they are happy and at peace. We miss you so very much, but we are with you in spirit at all times. In the quiet moments, close your eyes and you will feel us close beside you. Our love has not been extinguished. Love is a force far more powerful than death. You have three guardian angels that will be watching over you for the rest of your lives, loving you.

It is important for me to tell you that I will see you again. This life is not the end. It's just a short moment in the scheme of eternity. There will be a joyous day when I will get to hold you again and see your faces and tell you about the many wondrous things I am experiencing. I will tell you all about the milestones I saw you reach in life and how I helped you from afar. I will tell you funny stories of Bo and Sam and they will be so very glad to see you. What a wonderful day that will be!

Until then, remember I am with you. Remember that I love you. Have a good life where you make good choices. Help other people and give service. Do the things that bring you true happiness and peace. Follow your dreams. Use your talents. Think carefully before you act. You are my legacy, which means that your good lives will honor me, Bo, and Sam. Be sure to show respect and gratitude to all the people who care for you and provide for you. Always be grateful. There is so much to appreciate in life. You have so many people who love you.

More than anything else, I want you to be happy.

And remember me.

With all my heart,



John and Jodi said…
Kris you are such an amazing person. That letter was something Im sure the girls will cherish. Our prayers are with all of you and please know how much we love you!
S1CROW said…

I love you sooo much. You have been such a good wife, and partner. You are so special with my girls, and they love you, as you know. This letter is just another reminder of how sensitive and loving you are. Rebecca knew this about you and I am sure she would tell you that there is no better person to leave her two beautiful girls with, than with you.

Thank you for being the woman I love.

Anonymous said…
Very well put Kristyn. Stay close to Heavenly Father and he will help you know what he he wants you to do as well as what Rebecca wants you to do for her.

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