BREAKING DAWN - What's the Deal?

So, I’ve heard that BREAKING DAWN is a huge disappointment. Hate groups. Death threats. "Return 'em, don't burn 'em." Why? Is it the quality of the writing, or what happens to the characters, or both, that have people's nostrils smoking?

If you hated the book, I’d like to know why. I haven’t read it yet, so I’m assuming with the negativity there must be a SERIOUSLY un-happily ever after for Edward and Bella. Give it to me straight.

Or if you L-O-V-E-D it, what do you think all the fuss is about?


Anonymous said…
Kristyn, I don't understand all the uproar either because I loved it. I don't get it.
I loved it as well. I think the "issues" people were having was over the fact that they felt like they didn't know the characters anymore and that it wasn't believable. I read it with an open mind the first time, and it took me a couple days and a lot of thinking "must read".

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