Dreams 'n Things

Yesterday I got to walk into a Barnes and Noble and buy a copy of my book, COOL DADDY RAT, right off the shelves. Lame, you say? Maybe. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into bookstores and dreamed. That was a long-awaited moment.

I’ve got a picture book workshop this Saturday that I’m putting on with author Rick Walton. It sounds like we’ll have an excellent group of writers, and even an editor and a librarian in attendance. The proceeds will go toward a picture book project we’re doing to help newly-diagnosed kids with juvenile diabetes. Rick has a son with the condition, and I have two. We’re hoping a book for very young kids will be comforting to them during an extremely confusing time.

I’m looking outside right now, and there's a blizzard. That’s right. A blizzard. So much for the vanishing snowman. This means war.


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