O Agent! My Agent!

Last Monday I was able to give a picture book presentation at Weber State. That was a fun experience because I shared, in detail, the story of COOL DADDY RAT’s publication. That manuscript definitely went on a rough ride.

For example, I talked about the awful experience of sitting across from an agent (not mine) who was reading the story with a confused look on her face while she started to chuckle. In my hopeful, wanna-be-published mindset, I tried nervously to determine whether her chuckles were good or bad. Suddenly she handed me back the manuscript and said, “WHO sent you to me?” And then, looking up into the air, she whispered to the listening universe, “Why do they always send these people to me?” (Hmmm. Not sure who "these people" are or how I unwittingly joined the group.) Anyway, I was dismissed from her presence, crushed. The reason I had the meeting with her in the first place was because a well-known children's book author had recommended my story to her, and set up the appointment for us. So I had ventured into that room with great hope.

Fortunately, the second time I showed the manuscript to an agent, she loved it, and signed me on as a client. It just goes to show that with agents, it’s all about finding the right match. Is there an "e-harmony" for literary agents?

I found this cool review on line: COOL DADDY RAT ROCKS!

YES! I love it when readers can feel the groove.


Bill said…
Thanks for the link, I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I've read the book to 4 classes, pre school through 4th and they all love the audience participation scat! Thanks for a great book.
Kristyn Crow said…
Bill, thank YOU for the awesome review! It made my day. And thanks for all your fabulous work promoting literacy!

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