How (And WHY) to Book Kristyn Crow for a School Visit

1. Email me at

2. Introduce yourself and let me know what you have in mind…a large group assembly, individual classroom visits, a literacy night, etc.

3. Request my detail sheet if you’d like references, price ranges, etc. I am willing to work within your school’s budget.

4. I’ll get back to you ASAP. A conversation has begun! We’ll set a date and time and go from there.

5. Why? Your students will be entertained with an animated PowerPoint and a lively discussion about what writers do, how picture books are made, and how rhythm works in language. I know how to work a crowd of kids--I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to make them laugh. An author visit is a HUGE boost of energy to your literacy program. I’ll read three of my books, and your students will play instruments along with the book refrain in a huge rhythm symphony. It’s learning and having fun at the same time. The students don’t just listen, they participate interactively.

6. Contact my references if you’re not certain. I can adapt my presentation to your time requirements, or to your particular topic or theme.

"Kristyn has one of the best presentations I've ever seen for elementary schools. Interactive, informative, funny - you can just see the kids having fun and learning at the same time. I highly recommend her for any school on the planet." James Dashner, NY Times Bestselling Author of THE MAZE RUNNER

See photos from my school visits by clicking here.


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