Smiling Ladybugs

I’m very happy to learn that Bedtime at the Swamp is a 2009 Ladybug nominee. It’s in the company of some very delightful books, and I’m thrilled to have it be considered. To read about it, click here.

My kids are all packing up to leave tomorrow for spring break. All, that is, except my youngest. (She’s the only one who escaped the awful “musical houses” fate.) Things are going to be very quiet around here, so you’d think I could get some writing done. But sometimes it’s even harder to work when my youngest is all alone without her siblings. She needs LOTS of attention.

I’m working on a novel, but I have such a bad habit of second-guessing myself! I get going , and then I’m really on fire, when suddenly I decide that the whole premise is stupid. I start thinking of new novel ideas, and talk myself out of the current one. Bad news. Having a great idea is half the battle sometimes. I wish I were Stephenie Meyer, and that I could dream something fabulous to write about.

I submitted a new picture book manuscript to my agent(s) – this one is quite a departure for me. I am really curious to get the response. I’m predicting they won’t like it, since it’s a little wacky, but I’ve been wrong before. It’ll be interesting to find out.

My SKELETON CAT editor is requesting more revisions. Yipes. It’s back to kitty bone-picking, my friends.


~Dana said…
I'll be waiting for that novel...
The Crow said…
I enjoy reading about your success, but also about the struggles involved in having your works published. Good for aspiring writers to read!


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