Sombreros and Stuff

My son’s elementary school called me this morning and asked if I’d teach a group of fourth, fifth and sixth graders about how picture books are made, and anything else I'd like to say about writing. They want me to come tomorrow, and the Friday after that, and the Friday after that, and the Friday after that—an hour each day. Good grief. So here is my tentative agenda: First Friday: powerpoint on what picture book authors do, and how picture books are made. Second Friday: Talk about characters, how to make really fun picture book characters and put them in cool settings. Third Friday: Dance around in a Sombrero, do the chicken walk, play bingo and tic tac toe. Fourth Friday: Do impersonations, jokes, and sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Okay, so I have no idea what I’m doing the last two Fridays. I’ve been preparing school visit material for a long time, so I’ve already got stuff for the first two lessons. But I never thought I’d need four hours worth of instructional material. Time to get some creativity going.

And on the topic of creativity…I submitted a new story to my agent a couple of days ago. We’ll see whether it’s a go or no.

I had my first book signing last Saturday at the West Jordan B & N. I really enjoyed it...especially interacting with my friends (and fellow authors) Sharlee Glenn, Mette Harrison, and Ken Baker, and chatting with the intriguing Brandon Sanderson. My family and my good friend from high school, Sue Wilkes, came to wish me well. Sue even endured several hours of babysitting my four-year-old. Now that's devotion.


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