In Memory of Abraham Lincoln

For some reason, our family has really been into Abraham Lincoln lately. I happened to watch this fantastic documentary on the History Channel about our sixteenth president and was so moved, I determined that my kids needed to watch it-- that every American needed to watch it. I mean, you can't really be an American and not know this tragic, powerful story from history. Right? Just call it one of my bizarre motherly crusades. So I bribed my kids with Hagen Daas and said if they watched the whole thing, we'd go out to ice cream. They moaned and groaned a bit, but the ice cream was a good lure. In no time they were absorbed. We've since had many spontaneous discussions about the great Abraham Lincoln, his assassination, and the hangings that resulted. So many interesting facts. For example, we often discuss the awful plight of Mary Surratt, hung for conspiracy to commit the President's murder based on evidence that was questionable at best. Just prior to her execution, she is pictured with the police shielding her from the sun with an umbrella, to prevent her from getting heatstroke.

Here's my third-grader, posing as Abraham Lincoln in his recent biography fair.

I also want to mention my mother today, a wonderful example of love, service, and devotion to family, who died on February 15, 1994 in Los Angeles, California, from breast cancer. She was softspoken, she loved lilacs, and I remember she liked to eat chocolate orange sticks. I loved her laugh, and she was an amazing typist. She always corrected my grammar. In her final days, she lay in her bed and said, "I am not afraid; I know what lies in store." Oh that I could have such courage! I miss you, Mom.

Happy Memorial Day!


Bill said…
Great picture of your Abe! Have you been to the Lincoln sites in Springfield, IL? Worth the trip. Oh, and Literate Lives has tagged you with a 7 questions meme. Hope you have time to play!
Anonymous said…
Kristyn, that is so sweet. I wish I had a better reletionship with my mom. I hope to have that kind of reletionship with my cute little girl some day.

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