So You Want to Get a Picture Book Manuscript Published?

What you’ll get if you sign up for my picture book class this June in Sandy, Utah:

1. A whole bunch of handouts with helpful writing and marketing information.

2. A list of more than 50 literary agents acquiring picture book manuscripts, and their contact information.

3. A cool souvenir binder to keep your materials together.

4. Hands-on analysis of picture books (I’ll provide them) – including the classics, best-sellers, books with gimmicks, etc., and why they work. (Or don’t.)

5. Critique sessions for your manuscripts, including a “critique sheet” filled out by class members, to help you find trends in the feedback.

6. The opportunity to analyze your manuscript from the perspective of an editor who must “pitch” your story in an acquisitions meeting.

7. A friendly classroom atmosphere in a beautiful setting with mountain views. Plus, a break from the routine of your life, and the opportunity to devote a solid week to your craft!

8. Breakout sessions with bestselling authors such as Ally Condie, author of Matched.

9. Direct exposure to New York editors and agents.

10. Writing exercises to get the creative juices flowing.

11. My continued contact well after the conference. I want to hear your ups and downs and be a friend as you go through this writing journey. I’ll spoil you rotten.

“But…I can’t afford it!” you say. Think of it as an investment in your future. I had the same misgivings when I first attended the conference ten years ago. If I knew then what I know now, there’d be no hesitation. If I had not gone, I’m honestly doubtful I’d be published today. Remember you’re paying for a week of intensive study, learning, networking, and connections. Trust me, it’s well worth the price.

Hope to hang out with you for a week!


Visit the conference website by clicking here.


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