Middle Children ROCK!

Lee's a middle-kid who finally expresses his frustration (for him, it's with a guitar and blues riff) in a big way. Now it's your turn. Middle kids near and far, come stand on your soap box. What's the worst thing about being a middle child, and how did you survive? Or...what do you notice about your middle child/ren that is interesting?

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Jen said…
Difficulties with being a middle child? Hmm, you don't get any of the "first time" excitement that the oldest kid gets. And none of the sentimental caring that the youngest one gets.

That said, I sorta like middle child. It also means less of the pressure that the oldest one gets. And none of the babying that the youngest one gets.
Kristyn Crow said…
My middle siblings always said it was rotten. ROTTEN! I sometimes wonder, as a mom of seven, if the middle ones get overlooked a bit more because it seems like the oldest is always venturing into new territory, and the youngest is...well, clingy.
Janelle said…
I always hated being the middle child. I always felt sort of invisible and unimportant compared to the rest. I used to have a mental list as to why mom liked each of the other kids better than me...although I can't really remember anymore what all those reasons were. And I felt like I was always too young to do what the older kids were doing and to old to do what the younger kids were doing. The older kids teased me and didn't want me around...the little kids didn't really care where I was or what I was doing. And so on and so on. I don't feel that way anymore...but I did as a kid. ;)
J Scott Savage said…
Being a middle child was great for me. I got to hang out with my older sister. But I also was the one who read to my younger siblings, taught them to play the guitar, play games, and just hang out.

Now that we are much older, I enjoy being with the younger sibs and the older ones equally.
Julie Olson said…
My sister just older than I is the exact middle child of 9. She is now
the balancer as Shannon mentioned. I'm the oldest of the youngest type
of personality, but she is definitely the bridge between the older half and the younger half. But growing up she just felt more picked on and put aside than any of the rest of us. She never lets anyone forget that my parents didn't bake her a cake or give her a party for her 13th bday because my oldest sister was getting married that week. To her it was a HUGE milestone to turn into a teenager and she felt slighted. She wasn't only the middle child, she was the middle girl as well with one older sister and one younger sister. So there were issues with that as well. She hated that I got to do things soon after my parents let her do things. But I, as her younger sister, always thought I could never live up to her perfection.

So there's a non-middle child take on the middle child in our HUGE

My own middle child is very shy, not confident in any of his
abilities, an emotional child (even though he's a boy...he's much more
sensitive than my daughter), he actually even looks different than my other 2 children...he's blonde and blue-eyed and the others are brown haired and look a lot like each other. He needs a LOT more
encouragement than my other children. He's been our "fit-thrower" since day 1. He cried a lot as a baby, he would head-butt anyone holding him if he wasn't getting what he wanted, and he needed to be held a lot! I spent a lot of time with him but it didn't seem to change things. He learned to talk much later than my oldest b/c he had an older brother who'd say EVERYTHING for him. He is definitely not the peacemaker but fights often with his younger sister...who tries to boss him around (the feminine in her). Our oldest son is the peacemaker. But our middle child is VERY cuddly and thrives off of positive parental attention. He melts away if he thinks any adult is disappointed or angry with him. I worry the most about him and how he'll turn out in later life.

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