What Came Out of the Swamp?

I had a terrific visit yesterday with Crescent Elementary School. I gave four presentations to the students, and we had some fun playing rhythm instruments to BEDTIME AT THE SWAMP. The kids asked some great questions and were a wonderful audience. Here are two bulletin boards displaying art the students created for BEDTIME AT THE SWAMP. Without hearing the end of the story, the students were asked to predict what came out of the swamp.

Each child was asked to draw a picture of his or her prediction. Only one student guessed it was "the mom," (see the picture just beneath the "P"). They all had some fun guesses, and one student even said it was his teacher coming out of the swamp. (See upper right picture.)

Bravo! What a great idea. I really enjoyed myself yesterday and have probably officially wrapped-up my school visits until next fall. I love going to elementary schools and hope to visit many more.


~Dana said…
They are so lucky to have had you there!

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