Being in the middle is RUFF RUFF RUFF.

Yesterday I received the “proofs” for Middle Child Blues, which means the illustrations are set, glossy on the page, with text in place. No folds or binding. Just flat sheets in a stack. It’s always a bit like Christmas when I get to see the illustrations for the first time. They arrived in a big white Fed-Ex envelope, and I wasn’t expecting them. A nice Wednesday surprise. Here is the illustration for the back cover. It will have the caption, “Being in the middle is rough.” From what I understand, Dave Catrow loves to draw dogs. And he does it so well. The dog in the middle here is a bit of a “star” in the book. He dances the watoosi on more than one occasion.

Tomorrow I get to see the cover image, and I'll be posting it for you to see.


John and Jodi said…
That is sooo cool. The pictures are so cute. Can't wait till my kids get addicted to this one.
Danna Smith said…
Kristyn, I LOVE the dogs! This book is going to be another hit!
Kristyn Crow said…
Hey thanks...I got so lucky to have David Catrow do this one--although I've been lucky with all my illustrators... Hey, Danna, I really love the illustration style for Two at the Zoo! It seems a perfect match for the text.

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