Hangin' Out Wid Da Peeps

This is the cool crowd of authors (and one editor) I got to hang out with at the "Writing for Charity" conference at the Salt Lake City Library. (Thanks, Shannon, for letting me copy this photo from your site.)

Front row from left: Kimberly Heuston, Shannon Hale, Chris Schoebinger, Brandon Mull.

Middle row from left: Ann Cannon, Me, Sydney Salter, Becky Hickox, Anne Bowen, Laura Hickman, Mette Harrison, Ann Dee Ellis and baby-to-be.

Top row from left: Scott Francine, Wendy Toliver, Mike Knudson, Tracy Hickman.

So I went to Barnes and Noble today, to look for Bedtime at the Swamp. Wasn't there. On their computers, it still says "Not Available, Pre-Order," which means they don't even have it at their warehouse yet. Hmmm. So much for these release dates. I've learned they don't mean a whole heckuva lot. That's okay, though, because when B&N realized I was the author of the book they made arrangements for a story time/book signing. Fun!

The Provo Library gave Cool Daddy Rat a very nice review. To read it, click here. I'm also planning to do a reading there at some point. Spoke with the director at the ALA conference.


Anonymous said…
How fun, that review is great. It's very exciting to know someone famous on a personal level. Congrats. I'll have to put your books on my blog and do a whole thing.
Sydney Salter said…
Hey, Kristen! It was fun spending time with you on Saturday. Can't wait to read Bedtime At The Swamp!
Kristyn Crow said…
Hi Sydney! Hey Missy. Nice to hear from you both.

Sydney, I really enjoyed the conference, too. And I appreciate you inviting me to the panel discussion in November. Looking forward to it. Carpooling our kids to Mountain View will be sooo nice!

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