My First Bound Copy of Bedtime at the Swamp!

Yesterday I got my first bound copy of BEDTIME AT THE SWAMP in the mail! My publisher sent it--what a nice surprise. I think Macky did an amazing job on the illustrations. Last night, I got to read the story to a group of my nieces and nephews. My littlest red-headed niece kept saying, "Monster Bim Bam Boo! Monster Bim Bam Boo!" It was so cute. She also had memorized parts of COOL DADDY RAT, and she could predict when it was time to say, "ZOW" and "POW" and even tried a little scatting. There's nothing more fun than seeing a two-year-old scat. It was such a great time. That's the beauty of picture books--when they are read together, you can share an intense moment of bonding. You're in close proximity, sometimes as close as a snuggle or hug, pointing at observations, and sharing an experience together.

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Amy said…
Your little red-headed niece was "Bim Bam Booing" on the plane today...even without the book. I think you guys must have a special bond!! It was great seeing you and hopefully we'll see next week.
Anonymous said…
That is so exciting. I am glad things are going so well for you.
macky said…
same here. got my copy by surprise yesterday.

i went out to walk the dog & pick up the mail. bad idea, as i was excitedly fiddling through the pages & being pulled by a westie on a busy sidwalk.

you did a great job. can't wait to see how it looks in stores. congratulations.
Kristyn Crow said…
Thanks, Macky...your illustrations are terrific and all my author friends over here with me at the ALA convention think so, too. I saw our book displayed at the HarperCollins booth. Right up on top. Fun!
I had no idea you had a blog here. Let me know when your book is out. My son loves stories. He loved "The puppy who wanted a boy".


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