Snow Way

It's been snowing. A lot. Yesterday I was trapped in my vehicle for a few hours, spinning in circles. It had snowed all night and we had several feet of the stuff everywhere, and no plows in sight. In these kinds of situations, I wonder what in the world we ever did before cell phones. My husband came to the rescue in his patrol car, but soon was stuck himself, and even worse for him, he was blocking the intersection. It was the Crow comedy show. We tried digging out, spinning, revving, pushing, but no, we were hopelessly stuck. Both vehicles. I called the city, but dispatch whined that the snow plows were "a little busy" at the moment. Finally a neighbor in his monster truck (well almost) towed us out.

Here's a picture of what the snow plows finally did. It's a snow mountain, twelve feet high. That tree you see is not off in the distance, it's actually coming right up out of the snow.

There's not a whole lot anybody can do with all this snow, except maybe get a little creative. Here's what some neighbors did. This is a Shrek snowman, as tall as their house. It gets a lot of attention from passing cars.

So, how's the weather where you are?


Kevin said…
Great pics! Would love to find how to contact you to discuss more about the correlation of JD and Autism.
Kristyn Crow said…
Sure, you can email me at This JD and Autism connection is really stirring up a lot of interest. I've had a whole bunch of contacts about this.

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